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When a relationship is going well, it can be intoxicating, thrilling, and bring so much happiness to our lives. When it's not going so well, it can feel like the biggest hurdle to overcome and feelings of hopelessness, negativity and anger can overwhelm us.


When we meet with couples, we address some of the core issues they've been facing, and we also individualize our approach so that each person walks away feeling like they have the tools to communicate more effectively with their partner, resolve conflicts, master the art of compromise, manage their emotions, and experience more relationship satisfaction.

Wondering if you and your partner can benefit from couples therapy? Check out the top three issues we see come through our doors. 


Like the saying goes, communication is key! But there are many ways people communicate and when you have two different communication styles, it can often lead to problems. In couples therapy, you and your partner will learn to recognize your communication style, how you learned this style (usually from family or previous experiences), and how to tweak your style so that you can feel heard and understood by your partner.   


Since communication is important in any relationship, we offer tools and skills to help you express your needs and resolve conflicts more effectively. So instead of attacking your partner’s character when you’re angry, you can say something like, “It really hurt me when you called me stupid.” This definitely takes practice and doesn’t come as easily (especially when you’re mad), but you’re more likely to get a better response. 


It’s devastating to learn that your partner cheated and you might be left wondering if you can ever forgive him/her or save the relationship. Trust is such an important, but a fragile, part of the relationship because once trust is damaged, it can take some time to rebuild it. Whatever the cause of mistrust, couples therapy is a safe space to discuss the betrayal, anger, guilt, and/or shame. 


Through couples therapy, there may be a chance for you to save the relationship, and in some cases, even have a stronger relationship than before. It can be your chance to understand what was happening around the time the cheating took place, feel understood, and create a better relationship.


When most people think of intimacy, they usually think sex, but intimacy is a lot more than that. Intimacy is about feeling close and connected to your partner, which means knowing who they are and what they need/want. But when intimacy is lacking or threatened, you’re more likely to feel unheard and rejected, leading you to close off even more. 


For instance, do you feel like you can’t open up completely because of a previous heartbreak? This is probably because from that bad experience, you learned that if you get too close, you could get hurt. But the ironic and sad part of this is that if you don’t allow yourself to get close, you won’t have an intimate relationship either.


In couples therapy, you and your partner can learn to build intimacy to get that “soul mate” type of relationship and a healthy sexual relationship. This happens by feeling accepted and heard by your partner, expressing your needs and feelings without any walls or defenses, and being vulnerable. Sometimes your partner can even accidentally trigger your fear of intimacy from the past and you might find yourself going back into your shell. It takes patience, a supportive partner, and the right tools to heal from emotional wounds. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone because there are professionals that can assist you and your partner. 

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